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I want to need Android download please , thank you 

how long can make Android download ? tell me please,  thank you 

androud version would be noice...


danm,i'll tell ya how much i love this game,i will let my son play it!!(kidding)

anyway,i love it so much that i have write a common essay at chinese  to make more people know it! i hope it would work XD



i love the fact that im 12 and playing this but good game love the gay stuf




yea lmao

Well, you shouldn't. When I was your age, I didn't even know I was gay....

You should do things with friends or at least do things kids do your age. Don't try to be more mature than you are. Nothing good will come of it.




I was confused when I was young because I had trouble understanding if I was straight or not

then I finally found out that I was Bisexual, I was feeling miserable thinking I was straight, when I turned between 15 and 17 my Mother was the first person I told she didn't mind that I was Bisexual, I then told my sister and brothers they to didn't mind, it felt better accepting who I was, I would wait a few years before I told my friends they don't mind at all they would see in front of them someone who is a good friend.

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what the fuck oml

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When is the next update please?

So I just got this visual novel and its pretty good so far, I started Tylos's route, but just before we even get to the sex scenes, the picture just freezes. I keep clicking the buttons to make it skip, but it just stays frozen, like it says its skipping at the bottom left, but the picture is still there. Anyone know how to fix it?

try clicking on different parts of his body it stops sometime to give you decisions to make in the sex scene

Okay, thank you!

Ronch's path messed me up... I want a good ending with the giant lol


Any news on new update can't wait to meet dragon guy


I want need Android download it game pls 

Thank you 

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Sounds a good idea. I play some novels in my tablet.

I'm happy u arrived me my point of view 😊


It would be nice to do an android version.


Is this still being worked on?


In Ronch's second instance, if you let Ronch go, it says the end and then I can't do anything other than stare at the dot, is this supposed to happen? I had to exit the game to continue..

Ah wait nvm, the game continued, so i was supposed to close the game.


Is there going to be an Android port? (Apk)

I simply don't have the money to buy a laptop or anything similar. If you are working on an Android port, thank you so much! ^w^

Well, I'd thankfully would have the money, if I really wanted. But why should I buy something I don't need currently and would only use for playing gay games? (Nothing wrong with gay games, I'm gay.... )

I have a list with pc games only on my profile. There's... alot... Right now the list contains 38. I also have another list with all the games, I can play, that have Android versions. You can check it out, if you happen to be interested. The games are only from the Badtime Stories genre. ;)

I like to play android because the only compter I have in the house is the family computer in the living room and I can't exactly play some of these VNs. My phone is the only thing I have that's only mine. at less until I can get a laptop or something that I can use in private.

As I wrote I also can only play Android versions. For me it would be the family computer too, but that would hardly be possible. (Despite my age of 20 years I don't have a pc, never needed one...)

Razmed instance was so funny. Ronch's second instance is really creepy. Nightmare fuel even.

Can't wait to get to know that Dragon guy he seems cute also I hope the good endding for Tylos is good. 

Are you gonna add android version anytime soon? Thank you if so

welp. now i cant wait to find out what happens when you reconstruct your body. a lot of waiting this year....

How Restart this? I delete and install and nothing. I was misclick and now cant play haw wont. And I now - I very bad in inglish. Help please 

It maybe linked to your account

I seem to be having problems with Tylos' story. After the sex scene comes on it stops on the "let's move on" line and from there it just goes on in a loop. Any one else experiencing this? How can this be fixed?

Razmed is a handsome boi~

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I want to need Android download,  please 

how long can make Android download ? tell me please,  thank you 

How long can make it Android download game ????

I look forward to the next update


plz make a android version TwT


Yes bro :3



I would do so many things for android version...


same here



Well as of right now, the difference from the public build and the Patreon version is there are four guys instead of just two and the first two have two scenes instead of one. Currently he is working on Septembers update, he does has plans to update the public version possibly in September or October 


Will you make android version?

wait so next update could be the final guy? im assuming since the three diamonds and the discovered ones glow.


Is this game ever going to continue?

i think so the creator could be having trouble with certain coding situations where maybe a important thing is being buggy but it would im ninety percent sure be updated saying ey im canceling it if the creatoor did plan to. also maybe there making an andriod version out constant support and saying people like it and would like a andriod way to play. as transfering all the code from pc to a whole new system would be very difficult with all the code you could copy paste but coding on a phone could be different from pc..


Android when?

from what ive seen they may not be one but the creator might because the update is taking a while they could be trying to figure out how to swap files between platforms.


Does anybody know how to start the game from begining?I deleted all the save files but doesn't work.

maybe reinstall and save at the start

like at a starting point but at a later area in the save menu so you can save at crucial points and not delete the save.


Will this eventually be available for Android?

I ❤️ this game! It’s so much fun. 


Quick question, though. Is there a New Game option? Like if you want to change your character’s appearance and start a brand new game? 


phenomenal game, it's amazing, and i really want to see more of each story!

I'm actually curious on how the whole stories for all three will progress...


I know you're saying that you don't plan to release this for android, but please, consider it... You would make more people happy.

OH my goodness... Tylos though, I'd marry him in a milli-second. I'm looking forward to more out your badtime stories!! Ronch is dreamy hehe. <3

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... I cried ;-; ... I loved that game... but.... Tylos ending... just broke my heart </3 ... can't wait to see more of you're work coz it's damn soooo gooood but Tylos' ending's just not right to me .... thanks for that game <3 I played 1.3 for now 


Will this come to android dont have a pc

For my own curiosity. Will the positions be at all variable or will the M/C always be the top? I'm not saying I'd bottom for Tylos and Ronch, but I would totally bottom for Tylos and Ronch.

I believe for Tylos and Ronch it is already set that the M/C is top but the creator did say in the future there will be people that you can chose whether to top or bottom. Whether he is going to make that a choice with Tylos and/or Ronch, I don't think he has it planned. Or maybe v1.4 has Tylos top I haven't tried it yet lol.

Neat, I was just curious. It's still a great story and game regardless.

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