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vou instalar para ver se é legal :)


Do you download it on Android?I only have an Android device I want to try it🙂💔💔


I talked to the author recently and they said that they will update the public version but they can't really say when. Also don't try to pressure or rush the author to put out something because they're currently really busy. 


I'm glad they didn't just forget about it. They are probably in a financial situation. Wish I could help.

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I think people didn't noticed last update here was in 2019 while his last post in pantreon was last month and look like his last update there in the game was in December. But I can't  read what update since only paid member can see it.

So he must be using it here was a advertising page to his game only. How could I say. That could been seen as a demo and if want update probably people may go there and pay for it.

That is what I think. Even if he update the public version have a lack of more than a year between his pantreon versions and this one.

Maybe I could buy the game when he finish develop that but depends of where he going to sell that.


It's unfortunate because the game has a lot of potential. I think most people in the furry community are pretty young and either can't pay for stuff online or don't feel the need to. Maybe I'll look on the Patreon when I get the chance. I kind of wish they stated that the public version would not get anymore updates.

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LOL Yes, not that they going to ask money to parents to buy this kind of adult stuff. LOL

Anyway I would only pay for a complete work or invest to earn with the investment.

Any juicers?

no juice? Sadge.. no more updates pepehands


UwU when will the update for this VN arrive? Why on patreon only. 

the game was abandoned?

Actually, no but it's been a lot of time from the last time he put a public version here. He only update in his patreon.


oh :/ that's sad

he wont be updating a public version soon?

Just wanna ask, umm can I top zari?


did this vn pull a blackgate?


Hello! I´ve replayed this game recently and i found the white dot on the screen, happens that it is a morse code. Does anyone else been looking that up?

Update, I´ve decyphered the morse code and typped it on the screen while the dot´s on. It printed a screeshot on the game´s folder. wtf?

wait. you mean like clicking? or typing words?

typing the words

wait have you tried looking what was in the picture?

I played with it in photoshop but nothing came up

Damn, I was too lazy to decipher it, mind telling us wat it means?

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Something along the lines of Guard Dip Is Lying. It was quite hard to see.

Pressing the letter S just takes a screenshot so I don't think typing does much.

that makes a lot of sense, however i prefer to live thinking theres something else. hahahahaaa. just like i shodow of the colossus

S is screenshot for games run via the Ren'Py engine. Checking the code doesn't have any secret.


Man you are such a genius. I also checked it myself and I think it's actually Dian rather than Dip.

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This message is going to sound pathetic as fuck but I don't care. I was playing Tylos' story and I really liked it... but what happens two days later? man... that's so heartbreaking...

Deleted 195 days ago

There's a happy ending for Tylos

Is this VN dead?


A few people clam its not but it's been over a year without any updates so I'm going to say mostly yes. I still check back on it from time to time because I was really interested in the Dragon guy that was supposed to be next.

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Yeah that's why I asked.. Oh well... It's sad how nice visual novels just die and they are abandoned like that

I believe he is still updating on patreon so its just us plebeians who aren't getting any update

That's uhh... Kinda harsh man

Hey I could be wrong

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I searched in Google and found it.

last time I looked at the patreon it seemed like he was just doing art and commission work for his patreons. He do talk about it be but as far as I know no real update has been made apparently he's dealing with some IRL stuff that's taken a toll on his mental health. 2020 is hard on a lot of us so I'm saying it's dead for now but may come back later. 

Deleted 278 days ago
Deleted 277 days ago

On patreon the last update for badtime stories was like two months ago

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I searched in Google and found it.

love it so much realy great just curious

in the game are you always gonna be human or can you become a beastman to

Depends on which story u are on

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will the game would be updated or not?

I wonder about that myself.  I got a notice last year that the public build was going to update, but a year past, and no new one.

Hes active but the process is just really slow I guess we have to wait longer. his patreon is active so check there...

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actually he's released about 5 public versions since 1.4. I thinks he has stop posting them here though. If you look him up on you'll see the latest up date i believe it 1.9 right now. he even sent out a message on Aug 1st saying the game was almost complete.

oh ok thanks

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How can i reset my safe file? 

Reinstalling the Game doesn't work, deleting all files (even under Appdata) doesn't work, etc. - I missclicked an really want to try it but in can't get it to reset at all.

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the white dot. is there an end, is there a word, a sentence? I can’t tell I’ve been starting at it so long.

Nope, just close and reenter then it will tell you stuff

I knew that...*cough cough *


Hey Chivo, just wanna ask if you survive Covid 19 ?


There still going. if in doubt check when the latest post on Pateron is to see how active they've been

pls......... where is 1.5 ?


It's already pass 1.9 in their patreon, and i don't think they will update this public build :p



guess the public version won't be updated anymore. sad.

yea i was really excited tho

The game is Beautiful, I fell in love with Tylos and Ronch ^///^ well more in super heavy lust/love with Ronch and more feelings with Tylos i guess. i didnt want either of them to die. I JUST LOVE THIS GAME! Thank you for making it. I'm gonna support your patreon on my next paycheck, its too amazing not to back.





I would Play IT but i cant cause i have Android i Hope this Game will BE realeased in android

These characters are super hot! There’s a few typos but the game is very cool. I also figured out the white dot at the end of Ronch’s second instance, hehe.


Hey.  It's been a while.  When will the next public version be released?  I mean it was last released in October.  Almost 6 month's ago.  I'm not asking for the newest version, but the V1.5.

I agree, it is a strange pause. I hope the developer is okay.


His twitter page says he's okay, maybe he posted the updates somewhere else?

You are probably right.  the patreon is where the latest versions are.

He posted them on

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 It would suck if the project died this isone of the more interesting VNs on I was looking forward to getting to know the Dragon guy. His patreon is still active he last posted on the 6th but he's asking for suggestions for something. I kind of looks like he's doing commissions. He maybe waiting for his patreon goal of 1500 to be met its current almost 800.


I want to need Android download please , thank you 

how long can make Android download ? tell me please,  thank you 

androud version would be noice...


danm,i'll tell ya how much i love this game,i will let my son play it!!(kidding)

anyway,i love it so much that i have write a common essay at chinese  to make more people know it! i hope it would work XD



i love the fact that im 12 and playing this but good game love the gay stuf




yea lmao

Well, you shouldn't. When I was your age, I didn't even know I was gay....

You should do things with friends or at least do things kids do your age. Don't try to be more mature than you are. Nothing good will come of it.




I was confused when I was young because I had trouble understanding if I was straight or not

then I finally found out that I was Bisexual, I was feeling miserable thinking I was straight, when I turned between 15 and 17 my Mother was the first person I told she didn't mind that I was Bisexual, I then told my sister and brothers they to didn't mind, it felt better accepting who I was, I would wait a few years before I told my friends they don't mind at all they would see in front of them someone who is a good friend.

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When is the next update please?

So I just got this visual novel and its pretty good so far, I started Tylos's route, but just before we even get to the sex scenes, the picture just freezes. I keep clicking the buttons to make it skip, but it just stays frozen, like it says its skipping at the bottom left, but the picture is still there. Anyone know how to fix it?

try clicking on different parts of his body it stops sometime to give you decisions to make in the sex scene

Okay, thank you!

Ronch's path messed me up... I want a good ending with the giant lol


Any news on new update can't wait to meet dragon guy


I want need Android download it game pls 

Thank you 

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Sounds a good idea. I play some novels in my tablet.

I'm happy u arrived me my point of view 😊


It would be nice to do an android version.


Is this still being worked on?


In Ronch's second instance, if you let Ronch go, it says the end and then I can't do anything other than stare at the dot, is this supposed to happen? I had to exit the game to continue..

Ah wait nvm, the game continued, so i was supposed to close the game.


Is there going to be an Android port? (Apk)

I simply don't have the money to buy a laptop or anything similar. If you are working on an Android port, thank you so much! ^w^

Well, I'd thankfully would have the money, if I really wanted. But why should I buy something I don't need currently and would only use for playing gay games? (Nothing wrong with gay games, I'm gay.... )

I have a list with pc games only on my profile. There's... alot... Right now the list contains 38. I also have another list with all the games, I can play, that have Android versions. You can check it out, if you happen to be interested. The games are only from the Badtime Stories genre. ;)

I like to play android because the only compter I have in the house is the family computer in the living room and I can't exactly play some of these VNs. My phone is the only thing I have that's only mine. at less until I can get a laptop or something that I can use in private.

As I wrote I also can only play Android versions. For me it would be the family computer too, but that would hardly be possible. (Despite my age of 20 years I don't have a pc, never needed one...)

Razmed instance was so funny. Ronch's second instance is really creepy. Nightmare fuel even.

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